Adonai Intl. Christian University

CERTIFICATE  PROGRAMS                                   
Certificate in Ministry (Cert.Min. - 15 Credits)
Certificate in Christian Studies (Cert.C.S. - 15 Credits)
Certificate in Theology (Cert.Th. - 15 Credits)     

DIPLOMA  PROGRAMS                                                      
Diploma in Ministry (Dip.Min. - 30 Credits)     
Diploma in Christian Studies (Dip.C.S. - 30 Credits)    
Diploma in Theology (Dip.Th. - 30 Credits)


Associate of Ministry (A.Min.) (60 Credits

Associate of Christian Studies (A.C.S.) (60 Credits)

Associate of Theology (A.Th. (60 Credits)

Associate of Divinity (A.Div.) (66 Credits)

Bachelor of Ministry (B.Min.) (120 Credits)

Bachelor of Christian Studies (B.C.S.) (120 Credits)

Bachelor of Theology (B.Th). (120 Credits)

Bachelor of Divinity (B.Div) (132 Credits)*

*Students completing the B.Div. with 130 credits will earn the M.Div. with 80 credits, while students completing all other bachelor's degrees will earn the MDiv. with 92 credits.

Degree concentrations are available at the bachelor's level.

Adonai Theological College

Adonai Theological College (ATC) is the undergraduate division of  of the school, offering certificate, diploma, associate, and bachelor's degree programs in ministry and theology.  Bachelor's degree students have the option of selecting a degree concentration for the program.  All undergraduate programs offered at ATC along with bachelor's degree concentrations are listed below.  Please find link to ATC catalog below at the bottom of the programs.