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AICU DOES NOT AWARD SPONSORSHIP OR FULL SCHOLARSHIP.  If this is applicable to you, please read before submitting an application for admission.  The application may be submitted only by students in developing countries (third-world nations) who intend to take full financial responsibility or have secured a sponsor who will take on the full financial responsibility for their program of studies, and applicable partial scholarship will apply.  Application from any student seeking full scholarship or sponsorship from AICU will not be processed.  


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Note: All catalogs, applications, and forms were revised in 12/2014.  Hence these are the most recently updated documents.

Graduate & Postgraduate Programs

Undergraduate Degree Programs
Adonai Theological College (ATC) Catalog 

Undergraduate Non-Degree Programs

Adonai Theological Institute (ATI) Catalog

Network School Programs (Affiliate Centers)

Information Manual for Adonai International Education Network
Application for Network School 

AICU Applications & Forms

AICU General Application for Admission (ATI, ATC & ATS)
AICU General Application for Prior Learning & Ministry Portfolio Evaluation (Optional)
AICU Semester Enrollment Form (ATI & ATC - Undergraduate)
AICU Semester Enrollment Form (ATS - Master's)

AICU Semester Enrollment Form (ATS - Doctorate)

Research Programs for Master's & Doctoral Students (Degree By Thesis & Dissertation)

AICU Transcript Request Form

AICU Student Referral Form

AICU Program Schedules

AICU (ATI & ATC) Undergraduate Semester Schedule

AICU (ATS) Graduate Semester Schedule

AICU (ATS) Postgraduate Semester Schedule