Adonai International

Theological College & Seminary

AICU distance learning certificate, diploma and degree programs are very flexible and can fit in the schedule of any student.  The are available to AICU students: very affordable tuition; interest-free tuition payment; special spousal tuition rate; quality programs; prior learning and ministry portfolio evaluation for qualified students; study in the comfort of your home and from anywhere in the world; study at your own convenience - set your own schedule; graduate debt-free with a well-earned degree, diploma or certificate; ministerial ordination, license, certification, and church/ministry affiliation are available through Adonai International Ministerial Fellowship (AIMF). 

AITCS does not offer full scholarship or financial aid.  We do offer applicable discounts for all students as outlined in the catalog and application for ATC and ATS.  For third-world students and prison-inmates, we offer a 25% scholarship at ATC and ATS.  Additional scholarship may be offered to qualifying third-world and prison in-mate students, and this is on an individual basis.  In this regard, however, a proper application must be made in writing in a formal letter explaining in detail the reason for seeking the additional scholarship. 

The application will be reviewed for consideration.  If the application is approved, the student will receive up to a maximum scholarship of 50% of the required tuition at AITCS.  This however, is not guaranteed, as all decisions in this regard are made with very careful deliberation in order to avoid abuse or unauthentic presentations.  Hence, in this regard, any false claim may lead to a total cancellation one’s application for admission at AITCS.  Please be advised and govern yourself accordingly!   


About Us

Adonai International Theological College & Seminary (AITCS) is a Bible-based, Christ-centered, Spirit-led, evangelical, conservative, and creationist  theological institution established in 2000. AITCS has been serving global body of Christ since its inception and offers quality, affordable, and self-paced education for Christian leadership and theological excellence through distance learning.  


AITCS is an educational ministry of Adonai International Ministries Global Outreach (AIM Global Outreach), a Bible-based, Christ-centered, Spirit-led, evangelical renewal ministry.  AITCS is an educational ministry, which confers degree by religious exemption in California and North Carolina.  Our students are not confined to a geographical location to complete their degree programs; they can study from anywhere at any time around the world.

AICU offers degree programs from the associate’s through the doctoral level, college diploma programs, and non-college certificate programs.  There are four divisions under which programs are offered at AICU, and there is a program for every student.  Master’s and doctoral degree programs are offered through Adonai Theological Seminary (ATS); and diploma, associate’s, and bachelor’s degree programs are offered through Adonai Theological College (ATC); non-credit college level ministerial training certificate programs are offered through Adonai Theological Institute (ATI) with a 50% tuition scholarship for students living in developing countries (third-world nations) and U.S. and Canadian prison inmate students; and all affiliate schools are established under Adonai International Education Network (AIEN).